Helpers still needed for Street Fair on Sunday June 23rd

Ring 01162876724 and speak to Christine

We are still on the look out for performers to entertain the crowds on the day, if you are interested please contact Jim,

The appeal for help organising Groby Street Fair has resulted in some new faces and new ideas at the monthly committee meeting. More information about the plans for this year’s Fair on Sunday June 23rd will be released as they are finalised, but for the moment the focus is still on filling the few remaining key roles.

No-one has come forward to organise the raffle and as it is not a major income source the idea might be dropped for this year. The Fair is funded mainly by the trader’s pitch rental payments and the admission charge. This may be welcome news for any reader who is considering offering to act as Treasurer. It’s a grand title but with an overall budget of about £5000 the amount of work involved is really quite limited. Organising the cash floats for the event is obviously important, and there are cheques to be signed for the various essential services. A simple income and expenditure statement is needed but thankfully calculators (or a spreadsheet for the really keen computer literate volunteer who wants to make a mountain out of a molehill) make it easy. If you can manage your household budget you have all the skills needed for this role, so why not pick up the phone, dial 0116 287 6724 and speak to Christine.

If you’d like to help in a different way, in the front office not the back office, there is still a need for volunteers to spend as little as an hour staffing the admission gates. Although it sounds mundane the admissions cash is the largest source of income, so its importance cannot be overstated.

The Street Fair is an independent voluntary group and has no connection with any other group in the village, though any help from other groups is appreciated. This is why it has to appeal directly for volunteers and why the help of a small number of residents is so important to the success of an event that will be attended by around 2000 visitors. All enquiries about volunteering should be addressed to Christine 



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